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Przedsiębiorstwo Budowy Elektrowni i Przemysłu "Beton-Stal Ostrołęka" Sp. z o.o. (Power and Industrial Plants Construction Company ‘Beton-Stal Ostrołęka’ Ltd) has been operating since 1991. The company’s head office is located in Ostrołęka on ul. Elektryczna 5a.

Our core activity concerns industrial, engineering, and public building construction. We participate in modernizing and refurbishing industrial plants, including power plants, performing mainly construction works. In 2004 we expanded our activity by housebuilding industry through the "Beton-Stal Ostrołęka Development" partnership and since 2014 also through the "Beton-Stal Ostrołęka Development Dom" partnership. We have our own Zakład Prefabrykacji in Ostrołęka on ul. Kołobrzeska 14 [see the map – Concrete Batch and Reinforcement Plant] prepared for concrete production, reinforcement and steelwork.

We employ around 140 qualified and reliable workers. We are prepared for taking on all sorts of construction works. Our Clients, including our key Clients with whom we have cooperated for years [see references], assert our professionalism, businesslike approach and reliability.

In the years 2006-2009 we were awarded the ‘DEPENDABLE COMPANY’ certificate issued under the auspices of the European Commission representation.

Since 2012 12 have continuously been participating in the "RELIABLE COMPANY" program.

Our to date experiences, resources and the operating integrated quality assurance system as well as health and safety ensure that each Client receives full guarantee of contract realization and partnership cooperation.



Link: ISO 9001:2009

Link: OHSAS 18001; 2007


"Beton-Stal Ostrołęka" Ltd.

Elektryczna 5a st.

07-401 Ostrołęka


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